Apalachin NY Heating, Cooling, & Home Comfort Services

Apalachin NY Heating, Cooling, & Home Comfort Services

With over 50 years’ experience in heating, cooling, and home comfort, our ANC Heating & Air Conditioning team in Apalachin, NY is well-versed in keeping our customers comfortable. We know that every season brings with it a new set of challenges in Apalachin, and we strive to make sure you are comfortable throughout each one. We want you warm and cozy at home all winter, and cool and refreshed when you’re indoors in the summer. Our team of professionals are capable of fixing, repairing, diagnosing, and installing anything you need to keep your home comfortable all year long. Call us now to schedule an appointment or keep reading to learn what we have to offer our Apalachin, NY customers.

Residential Heating Services

Our heating services are all-inclusive. We recommend all our customers schedule once a year maintenance on your heating systems to tune-up and diagnose any issues. From making sure your heat works like a champ on the first cold day of the year to repairing any issues we find during your maintenance check-up before they cause problems in the cold, we are here for you. We also install new furnaces and heating appliances when you are ready. From furnaces to whole-house heat, we are the go-to stop for you when you need heat work done.

Apalachin, NY winters can be cold and brutal, and we want to be sure you’re not. Our highly trained pros work with any system. Whether you have gas, electric, oil, or propane, we are familiar with each type, and able to fix, repair, or replace anything that isn’t working correctly. With the right heating equipment working efficiently and covered by one of our furnace maintenance plans, you can save a bundle on your utility bills throughout the cold winter months.

Home Air Conditioner Services

No one wants to sweat it out all summer. It might be the perfect time of year to spend outdoors, but that does not mean you want to sweat through your sleep and inside your home in Apalachin, NY. Our team of pros is capable of maintaining your cooling system by finding issues before you want to cool your house on a hot day for the first time during the season. We can make the repairs, we can install a new, more efficient unit, and we can even help you figure out what to do about rooms that don’t seem to cool off as quickly or efficiently as others.

Even if your Apalachin home has no existing ductwork, ANC can install ductless air conditioning units in virtually any room in your home.  Our Daikin units are incredibly efficient when compared to window units and pay for themselves in just a short amount of time.

Remember that scheduling regular maintenance on your system allows you to avoid the inconvenience of an issue in the middle of summer. Nothing is more uncomfortable than finding out your cooling system isn’t cooling when the temps reach blistering levels. If you have an issue, we can diagnose it early, fix it while it’s still affordable, and allow you to turn on your system for the first time this year without any worries. Additionally, if your system is older and no longer efficient or working properly, we can get you scheduled for a new system installation right away. No one should suffer through summer without air for even a day.

Indoor Air Quality

There’s one thing our Apalachin, NY customers seem to forget about, and that is the fact that we offer comfort services. This is a time in our lives when we are all spending more time at home than we are away from home, which means we need to be sure our homes are providing us with the highest quality of air. If your air quality is low, so is your quality of life. Low air quality can damage your immune system, it can cause breathing issues and respiratory problems, and it can exacerbate existing health issues such as asthma. We can test your indoor air quality, figure out where it stands, and we add filtration services to your home to ensure it’s the best possible quality. From softening to filtrating, we can do it all at ANC Heating & Air Conditioning. Improving quality of life is what we do.

When is the last time you had your ducts cleaned?  You may not realize it, but a forced hot air heating system is one of the dirtiest types of HVAC systems you can have installed in your home.  Dust, allergens, and other nasties are constantly being circulated throughout your home.  Having your ducts cleaned before each season is the way to ensure your family can breathe easy and rid your home of unpleasant smells and odors. 

Broome County’s Only Platinum Traeger Dealer

If you haven’t grilled or smoked on a Traeger Grill, then you haven’t discovered the easiest and fastest way to get wood fired deliciousness on meats and vegetables.  As an Apalachin, NY Traeger grill dealer, we offer our customers the best pricing and unparalleled support on their Traeger grills.  Traeger combines old fashioned wood smoke with the latest technological innovations to make smoking meats more convenient than ever.  Smoke an overnight brisket with little effort for a weekday meal or reverse sear a steak to really “wow” your guests.  Whatever your grilling, Traeger simply makes it better.  Visit our grill showroom to see our huge selection of Traeger grills, pellets, accessories and much more.

Trust ANC Heating & Air Conditioning with Your Apalachin NY Home Comfort Needs

If you have any issues at home or you want to schedule maintenance on any of your heating or cooling systems, now is the time to call ANC Heating & Air Conditioning in Apalachin, NY at (607) 748-6435. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have, to put you on the books for a scheduled visit, or to make an emergency trip to your home or commercial property right now. You can also visit us online to fill out our free appointment request form if your request is not of the emergency variety.

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