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When you only want the cleanest, freshest air circulating throughout your home, look no further than AprilAire Air Filters for your furnace or home air purifier.  AprilAire Air Filters capture airborne viruses, along with irritants such as allergens and dust that can trigger asthma.  Along with healthier air, AprilAire Air Filters also reduce odors in your home from pets, cooking, and even tobacco smoke.  To add to all these advantages, these top-of-the-line air filters also improve the life and efficiency of your furnace to keep it operating at peak condition for longer.

Buy AprilAire Air Filters

All these reasons are why ANC Heating and Air Conditioning fully stocks our showroom with AprilAire Genuine Air Filters, ready to be installed in your furnace.  Stop by our showroom today to see our full selection of AprilAire Air Filters.

Fresher Air, Longer

While your typical 1-inch big box store furnace filters only lasts 1-3 months, AprilAire 4-inch air filters last 6-12 months, saving you both time and money.  As you can probably imagine, AprilAire Air Filters capture more contaminates and odors with their 4-inch thickness and provide superior performance.

AprilAire Air Filters - pollutants

Removes More Pollutants

AprilAire Air Filters remove more pollutants and odors from your home with their extra thick 4-inches of filtration.

AprilAire Air Filters - protects

Protects Your Home

Keep your HVAC system operating cleaner and more efficiently, extending the life of your furnace and saving on your utility bills.

AprilAire Air Filters - clean air

Cleaner Air

Filter out airborne pollutants and allergens that can cause discomfort to allergy sufferers in your family.

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Our showroom in Endicott NY is just a short drive from anywhere in Broome County.  Visit us today to purchase your genuine ApirlAire Air Filter today and start breathing easier tomorrow.

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