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Why a Little Insulation Can Go a Long Way

Why a Little Insulation Can Go a Long Way

The joys of being a homeowner can be short lived when problems in the home arise. Although you are going to have to deal with a lot of issues, owning a home is still a great investment! In order to deal with problems effectively, you just have to learn what can be done to fix it. When it comes to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, a little insulation goes a long way. This is something that can make all the difference with your heating and cooling bills during the year. It can also make your home a lot more comfortable!

Why is Insulation Important?

Insulation is extremely important for keeping the home an even temperature. For example, what if a winter coat didn’t have padding in between the back and front? This wouldn’t keep you warm at all because it has no insulation inside of it. If a home doesn’t have insulation in between the walls, it’s not going to keep air in or out. Insulation is something that professionals can easily install without taking that much time. It’s well worth the investment since it can actually save you money on energy bills.

How insulation can save you money.

During the winter are you constantly keeping your heater on no matter what the thermostat is set at? This could be a result of not having enough insulation in between your walls. This means all that hot air that is coming through the vents is just being lost through your walls because there is nothing behind them. When the insulation is placed in between the walls, it’s going to hold in that hot air. This can keep all rooms of your home toasty warm during the winter, no matter how cold it is outside.
During the summer you will want just the same thing, only with cold air. The insulation will also help keep your cold air inside so you don’t have to deal with a home that is hot, humid and uncomfortable. Insulation will also contribute to keeping the hot air from coming in so it doesn’t counteract the air conditioner you have on.

Benefits of Having Insulation Installed Throughout Your Home

Most people end up saving quite a bit of money each year when they have insulation placed inside their home. Even a little bit of this can go a long way when it comes to making a home more comfortable. Most insulation companies will give you quotes on how much this is going to cost, so you can know what the investment is going to be before it’s installed. If you don’t want to keep the a/c and heater on all day and night during the summer and winter, insulation is going to be essential!

It’s important to make sure all rooms of your home have insulation in them. For example, a lot of people have unfinished attics in their home that they don’t think twice about insulating. The main problem with this is that when the heater is on, the heat rises. If there is no insulation in the attic the heat is only going to go through the walls and escape outside. Having extra protection in all rooms of the house can make a big difference with your comfort level and your bills.

Do you have a cold spot in your home? This probably isn’t a sign of paranormal activity, it’s a sign that there is no insulation or not enough! By having a professional come by and inspect the walls, you can find out what needs to be done. Most cold spots in homes are a result of not enough insulation being set in place. It’s really not that expensive to insulate the walls to add some extra protection. This can get rid of cold spots so you can walk around your home without freezing during the winter.

The type of insulation needed will depend on the room, your budget and temperature control that is needed. Foam insulation is becoming increasingly popular because it’s affordable and extremely effective. This is well worth the investment considering how much it can save you throughout the year on heating and cooling bills. Get quotes to see what expenses you are looking at, then consider the savings!
Call an ANC home energy expert to learn more ways we can help you save big on your winter heating bills.

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